Newest Resident of Willowcreek Ranch

Willowcreek Ranch gained a new resident last Friday - a bronze horse sculpture fittingly called "Unbridled". This stunning piece now resides in the roundabout at the end of Willowcreek Ranch Drive. This 1200 lb life sizebeauty stands about 8 feet tall and is one of several public art pieces that will be installed in the community. The artist flew in for the installation of the piece was onsite to help position the artwork in the roundabout. The horse arrived via truck from Washington last week and took a forklift and a team of nearly a dozen to properly install into the community's landscaping bed.

The original sculpture was commissioned several years ago and took approximately six months to sculpt and another four months at the foundry. There are only two in the edition, this one being 1/1 Artist Copy.  "The title was originally going to be 'Unbridled Spirit', but I decided to simplify it to just 'Unbridled'.... and it is uncanny that after I was contacted about the possibility of placing him at Willowcreek Ranch, I went to the web site and on the opening page was 'Life Unbridled.' I promise... the monument was titled Unbridled long before I knew about Willowcreek Ranch! It was perfectly fitting." said artsit Jacelyn Russell.  

The sculpture is a piece by artist Jocelyn Russell of San Juan Island in Washington. Bob Hogan of Bronze Art by Hogan helped us find this unique artist. Jocelyn is known for her paintings and sculptures of wildlife, both North American and African. She has been a professional artist since 1992 and continues to gain both national and international recognition for her work. Her paintings and bronzes have generated thousands of dollars for conservation organizations. Sculpting nearly full time now, she works on pieces from miniature to monumental. She has attained international recognition for her paintings and sculptures both, and enjoys the versatility of tackling many subjects and mediums to keep her inspirations alive. To learn more about Wildlife Bronzes, check out her website here.